mixer 650-minNew England’s Freshest Pizza Dough (Never Frozen) – Delivered

We provide the freshest available wholesale pizza dough you can buy in New England. Our current delivery service area covers Eastern CT, all of RI and Eastern MA. We deliver to pizza shops, restaurants, catering companies, dining service companies, small grocers and regional restaurant chains. All of these food industry companies use our pizza dough to deliver a superb quality product while saving on labor and operating costs. To say the investment in our dough is an understatement, as it not only eliminates labor cost but it also allows food establishments to devote managerial and employee resources to other aspects of their business.

The secret to growth in the restaurant business has 2 major aspects:

  1. To CONSISTENTLY produce a quality menu with adequate variety.
  2. To outsource as much skilled labor cost as possible by choosing vendors who offer food products that eliminate the need for preparation.

These two factors are why our food service clients are not only profitable, but are often able to expand their businesses to multiple locations.

Additional Savings of Time & Money:

  • Waste – Product waste is completely eliminated, Order only what you need.
  • Cleanliness – No mess, you will never have to clean up flour again
  • Utility Savings – You will save money by not operating mixers and other equipment
  • Maintenance & Repairs – The elimination of flour dust from the environment will extend the life of all appliances in your facility