Why Use Dough Guys?

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Why Use Dough Guys?2018-07-24T16:10:15+00:00

dough and flour 650-minThe Secret is Kept

The other concern restauranteer’s all share is recipe confidentiality. By using our pre-prepared food products, they no longer have to worry about an employee stealing the company recipe and then opening up a competing business down the street.

Gourmet on Demand

We produce several varieties of dough balls: Pesto, Garlic, Rosemary, Wheat and our ever popular “Beer Infusion” blend.  As our proprietary dough is available in varying flavors and styles, we can vary our recipe to suit the exact needs and tastes of your clientele.

Stretchable, Easy to Handle

Because our dough is pre-proofed and shipped out fresh everyday, it is easy to handle and remains stretchable and also does not tear easily when pulled. Most important, each dough ball produces wonderfully flavorful, evenly textured pizza. We also feature specialties like Dough for Pita.

Stand Apart from your Competition

In the world of gourmet pizza, offering flavored pizza dough is the best way to separate yourself from the competition. With pizza blends sold everywhere, the secret to gaining a following is a quality, predictable and consistent recipe that your customers will keep coming back for, more and more!

Economies of Scale

Our dough is the same day in and day out. We buy our Imported blend(s) of flour from Italy in bulk. This enables us to adjust the formula for the flour that we receive, to produce batches large enough to be completely uniform in constitution.

Complimentary Advice & Support

Having run our own thriving and successful Pizzeria, we also provide complimentary advice and guidance on how to run and manage your restaurant business, especially if you are a new restaurant owner or if Pizza is a new addition to your menu or product line.